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Updated: Apr 14

Cash Discount Program Biz360

Are you a merchant or business owner in need of merchant services? Grab a seat. We have some good news for you. Biz360 has a new credit card processing product, the "cash discount program." Imagine your customers paying for goods and services using their credit cards, and you won't incur any processing fees. Yes! Zero payment processing fees as long as your business uses a cash discount program.

First, the cash discount program is new, and its popularity is growing fast across the globe. It works well with most business models. The program saves at least 4% of what merchants lose through processing fees on every transaction. But with the Biz360 merchant processing account, your income automatically increases since you will no longer incur expenses related to processing fees. For more details on how your business stands to benefit, read on!

How the Cash Discount Program Works

The cash discount program encourages customers to pay in cash instead of credit or debit card. It does so by automatically implementing a service fee for all purchases. However, the system discounts customers who pay cash an equal amount to the service fee.

The program adds a service fee to standard prices and offsets processing fees through card transactions. Although cash discount programs may appear to suit the brick and mortar business, they can also apply to ecommerce sales. Besides, the program is implementable to any business model and follows State, MasterCard, and Vise guidelines.

How the Merchant Benefits

Most customers prefer paying using a card instead of cash because it's more convenient. Unfortunately for the merchant, every card payment is an overhead increase, costing your profit. But thanks to the cash discount program, you can lower overhead costs and enjoy the following benefits:

  • You will eliminate processing fees and save more

  • Your customer will have more payment options

  • You will enjoy constant profit margins

  • Customers will enjoy a simplified payment process

  • Increased cash payment

The Downside of a Cash Discount Program

A coin has two sides. Likewise, the cash discount program also comes with its disadvantages. Here are some issues a merchant should know before signing up for this program.

  • Few customers prefer or carry cash. Too, they may feel excluded and could walk out without buying if they can't earn a discount when paying with a credit card.

  • Must have conspicuous signage letting customers know what discount they will receive when they pay cash. Since the signage will appear as a discount offer and not a fee, it may rub your customers negatively.

  • The cash discount program's implementation rule dictates that all receipts must show service charges for products bought by card. While for customers paying cash, have these charges reduced or eliminated.

  • Sales are likely to drop because customers will be charged increased service fees when buying more items. Therefore, be aware that you may discourage customers and depress your sales margin by introducing cash discounts to manage card processing fees.

How is Cash Discount Different from Surcharge?

In cash discount: a merchant adds service fees on items but offers customers who pay cash a discount equal to the charged service fee.

Surcharging is different since, in this program, merchants charge extra fees to customers using credit cards to pay.


As a merchant or small business owner, it's now clearer what the cash discount program entails. If you think such a program will suit your business, go for Biz360 Merchant Processing. Their platform accepts debit and credit cards and other payments such as mobile pay, contactless pay, and cash payment. So get in touch with Biz360 and sign up for your merchant processing account at no cost.

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